Sneaking in the back door

Our story so far: As reality has caught up with this blog about converting a 126-year-old Methodist church into our home, I’ve run across a few odds and ends that occurred after I wrote about the subject initially. That’s how it goes with a real-time memoir. Sometimes stuff happens after publication. So this week, I’m sharing a few little stories that will ultimately be integrated into the relevant location in the memoir. Think of this as the time in the novel—especially a mystery novel—when you page back to reread a few passages to remind yourself about what’s going on. Here’s an update for Chapter 19.

# # #

The floor plan for the main floor required Tyler to close off the exterior side entry which was unnecessary in our master bedroom and build a new doorway. The new doorway in the north wall of the church in an area Tyler called the mudroom would someday lead to the garage.

back entry in outline
Back entry in imagination.

In February, this door was just a little spray paint and imagination but in April, Tyler installed and one of his skilled laborers installed the actual door, a modern piece with a little leaded glass detail. At this point, it still lead to nowhere, but now the drywallers could work around it.

back door
New back door.

# # #

Tomorrow: A quest. For tile. Read about it here.


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