Every long journey begins with a single step (or two)

Our story so far: Things were looking up in the old Methodist church we were turning into our home.

# # #

The grand plan to open up the choir loft required Tyler to construct a balcony for the loft to open up to.

This project began with two steps. To clear the edge of the sanctuary ceiling, we needed two steps down from the second story onto the balcony. This was a big math problem in order to get the step and run measurements correct and beginning in the right place.

After measuring twice (or thrice), he cut once—a hole in the floor. Then he constructed the steps themselves. For the most part, he worked from underneath the two steps, standing on a ladder.

steps to balcony
Ta-da! Two steps.
steps from bottom
The steps are just as impressive from the underside, where one can see all the support structure. At some point, all of this will be hidden away in our bedroom closet.

Now he was ready to build the balcony itself.

# # #

Tomorrow: It takes a village. Read about it here.

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