Sweet serendipity

Our story so far: We had established we weren’t willing to tile our own shower in the old church we were renovating into our home, but we were going to take a bath on the project if we accepted some of the stratospheric contractors’ quotes we received.

# # #

before shower area
This is the room in the church–prior to demolition–where we planned to put our master bathroom. The corner on the right is where the shower was planned.

Then I experienced another one of those moments of serendipity that had been blessing us throughout this project.

I went to the post office to ask about whether we were the getting a mail box or post office box. I had already been there four times and had left without a clear answer.

As I was about to step into line, the man who held open the door for me motioned to let me in line before him.

“No, go ahead,” I said.

But he was a gentleman of the generation when etiquette demanded ladies first (let’s be honest, he looked to be my age). I accepted his offer.

I explained my problem to the man behind the counter, beginning with this description that had become familiar to my lips: “I bought the old Methodist church, and we’re turning it into our home.” Etc, etc.

During a pause in our conversation, the gentleman behind me asked, “You’re remodeling a church?”

“Yup, we are.” I smiled.

“Do you need any help?” he asked.

“Yes! You know anyone?”

“Yeah, me,” he said. “I’m a master carpenter. And I do other things.”

“Do you know any tilers?”

“Yes, I do tiling.”

“Do you have a card?”

He fished a card out of his pocket. By now I was ignoring the postal employee. I read the card, and an old Paul Simon song floated into my head.

“Al? Can I call you Al? Do you have time now? My husband is at the church. He handles all the contractors. You could go talk to him now.”

“Sure,” You-Can-Call-Me-Al said. “Where’s the church?”

And the polite gentleman went to the church, introduced himself to Tyler—You-Can-Call-Me-Al—and told him, yes, he could tile a shower for us, he did it all the time.

Meanwhile, I nailed down an answer on about our mail: We would be getting a box at the post office, not a mailbox.

shower roughed in
This is the master shower area studded in.

# # #

Tomorrow: We piece things together. Read about it here.

3 thoughts on “Sweet serendipity

  1. Hi Monica! I love reading your updates every day! I look for them! I really think God has a big hand in what you are doing. He is bringing just the right people and supplies to you at just the exact time you need it. He knows All the desires of our hearts doesn’t he? Keep posting! I can’t wait to see it sometime! Love the pictures you post!

    Blessings, Julie

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree, a God is at work. And I’m so glad you’re enjoying reading. I hope you can come see it sometime. Blessings to you, friend!


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