Is it still free if you’re paying to store it?

Our story so far: We were in the building and buying phase of converting an old Methodist church into a home. And picking up stuff for free.

# # #

After we sprang for the rental unit, we justified buying things when the price merited it because we could store them away from the commotion of the church.

One morning when we were on our way to breakfast, eagle-eyed Tyler spied a raft of furniture on the boulevard a block from our rental house. We drove by slowly and stopped—the beat-up headboard looked promising.

This probably looks very familiar to one of my neighbors.

The low-profile of the headboard would be perfect on the bed we planned upstairs, where the ceilings sloped. It was solid wood, not veneer. It would need paint, but the iron work added style. And it came with a footboard. And it was free!

We loaded it into the pickup, and dropped it off at the rental unit. Celebrated not with a toast, but with toast. And eggs.

# # #

Tomorrow: Vanity of vanities. All is vanity. Read about it here.

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