Two walls forward, one wall back

Our story so far: Blood and sweat marked the walls we constructed for bathrooms on the main floor of the old Methodist church we were turning into a house.

# # #

At four o’clock in the afternoon, we’d finished with the powder room and water closet walls and decided to call it a day. (Working in the church after sunset was not our style—it got dark. And we got hungry.) Before putting all the tools away, Tyler turned the laser level to the opposite wall to guide construction of the wall dividing the master bedroom from the master bath.

He gasped.

I looked where he was looking, and I gasped, too. I looked back at him, standing on the ladder, his hand on the laser level.

“How did that happen?” I asked.

No response.

The red line of the laser level clearly defined the bottom of the false ceiling. And it cut through the top window trim of the bedroom windows. At least three inches short of where it should have been to allow for full window trim and crown molding in the master bedroom.

We spent all day building the walls perfectly level. But too short.

I’m not gonna lie. Expletives were spoken in ways they should not have been in a church.

# # #

Tomorrow: A new character enters the story. Who-hoo-hooo?  Read about him here.

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