Sunshine in my pockets

Our story so far: Building walls in the old Methodist church we were turning into a home required a three-dimensional perspective.

# # #

Tyler and his hired man St. Johnny also installed the first of five pocket doors in our house design.

I had been assigned to pick up the pocket door frame kits earlier in the week. Standing in line at the pro desk to pay for them, a builder behind me who looked like he had earned his experience remarked, “I hate installing pocket doors. They’re a pain.”

Maybe he installed pocket doors into already existing walls, because Tyler made it look easy to build one into a wide open space.

pocket door
This pocket door leads to what will someday (soon) be the master bedroom closet. This solid-wood door originally was on an office in the church. It’ll get a paint job before it’s finished.

But Day Two of wall construction was one of blood, sweat and tears.

# # #

Tomorrow: Part I: Sweat. And a new tool. Oh joy. Read about it here.

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