Golden springtime, however fleeting

In gardens green and gold they sway,
Daffodils in springtime play,
Their petals bright and full of cheer,
As if the world has nothing to fear.

But now the air grows cold and still,
And snowflakes fall upon the hill,
The daffodils, they stand so tall,
But soon they’ll be covered by it all.

The snow may hide their vibrant hue,
But still their spirits shine anew,
For even as the winter’s chill,
Their golden hearts are beating still.

Photos by A.B., poetry by A.I.


3 thoughts on “Golden springtime, however fleeting

  1. I was going to send you a picture of your pretty spring garden! Looking forward to having you come home❤️ Kathy


  2. Flashback to grade school days—I had to recite that poem from memory to my teacher and the entire class in third or fourth grade! ❤️🥰👍🏼


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