‘Wooden’ you like

Among the treasured objects displayed at the church are works of art created by my father.

He probably wouldn’t call them “art,” but the more he refines his craft, the better he gets.

end table from side
You may remember me sharing this end table fashioned by Dad and now a part of the balcony seating area at the chome.

Dad is a woodworker, and you can bet it’s been his refuge during the pandemic. He’s been very productive. When he was younger, he made bigger pieces of furniture, including shelving for two of my previous houses, an entire master bedroom set for himself, a bathroom vanity for my sister, a warehouse full of kid-sized kitchen tables and chairs, “regular size” tables, end tables, coffee tables and more. Recently, his focus has shifted to smaller, more sophisticated pieces, and some of these lovelies have made it into the church.

Bowls, made with hundreds of pieces of wood and turned until smooth and functional, are some of his works. You might remember this bowl, the first one he gave me.

dads bowl in full

I received another bowl for my birthday, sort of opposite in color. I don’t have a picture of that one, but here’s a similar one he gifted to my sister.

Kays bowl

Dad also made the wooden basket on the left, and the beautiful cutting board, one for each my sister and me, which he directed both of us to put into use, which I did, by using it as a styling item on my counter. But to make him happy, here it is, in “use” as a cheese board.


That cutting board is quite a feat of wood manipulation. Those darker pieces of curved wood are not veneers, they go through the whole piece.

cutting board closeup

Recently, Dad also gifted me with a functional piece I use many days at my desk.

phone amplyfier

It’s a microphone of sorts, amplifying music or radio sound from my smart phone which fits neatly in the slot. It’s quite clever. Those stripes are not paint; they’re a different type of wood integrated into the piece.

And one final piece to share: Dad made this candle holder as a house warming gift for our new down-south condo.

candle holder

The flickering candles are like little beacons of hope. Dad’s works of art spread joy everywhere they go.

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