To a great mind, nothing is little

From the beginning, Tyler imagined bookshelves on either side of our floor-to-ceiling fireplace in our Church Sweet Home. I imagined he was thinking of something along the lines of a study in a Sherlock Holmes novel.

The shelves we ended up with are more open and airy than an English detective’s. As with the room in general, they are not symetrical on each side of the fireplace.

great room after floor refinishing
Here’s a reminder of how the back wall of the great room looked after we finished the floor.
Today, I’m showing off the shelves on the left side. This spot is obscured to some extent by our spiral stairway.

shelves from right
Shelving, looking from the fireplace.
The cabinets along the bottom hide all sorts of stereo equipment. There’s a front-throwing subwoofer (an audiophile understands this terminology) in a screen-covered cabinet on the bottom left there, and a huge standing speaker inside that screen-covered cabinet flanking the fireplace.

shelves from left
Shelves from pantry side.
I’ve decorated the shelves in Joanna Gaines style, including some Methodist hymnals (bottom left), the wooden bowl created by my dad (middle right) and a couple of functional miniature cannons that have been in Tyler’s family for some years.

Finishing the back wall is no longer a mystery! I’ll share the right side of the fireplace later this week.

# # #

Today’s headline is a quote put into Sherlock Holmes’ mouth by Sir Author Conan Doyle in A Study in Scarlet.

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