An unnecessary freezing of water

church sign unreadable
Got snow? Read this. I dare ya.

We’ve been binge-watching “Narcos,” the web television series chronicling the rise of the cocaine trade in the late ’80s in Colombia. With all its gnarly fashion and even gnarlier drug kingpins, principally drug lord Pablo Escobar, it’s a gritty drama that requires your rapt attention, primarily because of all the subtitles for the Spanish but also because you never know who’s going to get shot next.

If you’re a “Narcos” fan, too, then you understand the sort of snow “big blow” might be describing.

But when you live in Wisconsin in the wintertime, it means something altogether different.

smiling Ty
Smiling beneath his balaclava.

As I was taking pictures of the season’s first big snowfall this morning, Tyler said “Hold on for a shot of the big blow.”

He actually yelled it. Over the purr of his new snowblower.

He proceeded to turn up the horsepower and push his monster machine into a drift on the driveway.

Voilà. Big blow.

big blow
When you build a big driveway, you have a big job clearing the snow.

Like my mother, who grew up on the plains of North Dakota, I am not a fan of snow. But as she pointed out to me on the phone this morning, it can be pretty and some people go entire lifetimes without getting to see it sparkle or line a tree’s branches.

So for my readers living near the equator (or at least a lot nearer than me), here you go.

front door snow
The blue cast on the photos is the effect of the dawn light. Here in the arctic zone, the sun is still working on climbing over the horizon at 7 o’clock in the morning.

# # #

Today’s headline is a quote from American comedian Carl Reiner: “A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.”


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