Love handle

Our story so far: We reinforced the pilings on the belfry of the old Methodist church we’d turned into a residence so that we could safely ring the church bell. Which we did, much to our delight.

# # #

Rope on second floor
Here’s our bell rope from our belfry hanging down to the second floor.

We had a lot of leftover rope, which I asked Tyler about. I wondered if this was his typical “go big or go home” approach to buying in abundance or something else. He said he was pondering threading the rope through the closet to the main level.

bell pull
The bell pull is about a foot long, with another eight inches of fringe. You can see the door to the belfry in the background.
Close-up on the “crown.”


At some point, he intended to attach to the end of the rope an ornate bell pull he’d found on Ebay. The designer, a sailor with a knack for knots, lived in the United Kingdom and had fashioned a crown at the top of the elaborate bell pull. “This particular crown most resembles the King George crown having six legs and an ermine fur cuff,” he wrote in his description. All of it was made of nylon rope, some of it painted. It would be a dignified ornament for our bell rope.

Outside on the belfry, we had determined that we would reroof the tip-top of the structure, replace the second-story window and install siding either later in the season (if Mother Nature cooperated) or, more likely, in the spring.

For now, Tyler wanted to concentrate on a different project: The garage.

# # #

Tomorrow: Chapter 42 opens, and it all about the garage. Read about it here.

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