Man hunts, finds fire escape

Our story so far: We drew near a close to the drywall, paint and flooring phase of renovating a 126-year-old Methodist church into our dream home.

# # #

Chapter 36

We hadn’t gotten rid of anything significant, except for layers of wood flooring while we sanded, since the demolition phase of renovation months ago. But we’d found an interested party for our old fire escape.

fire escape after new windows
One of the former church members astutely observed that the fire escape was not an attractive addition to this side of the church. We agreed.

Tyler tried peddling off the fire escape to various potential buyers–anyone who had a second story was a potential buyer–but he met with little interest. Until he mentioned it to Reroofer, the agile young man who repaired the roof of our belfry and helped us insulate. Yeah, Reroofer said, he needed a deer stand.

OK, great way to recycle.

The deal required Reroofer to dismantle and haul away the two-story solid steel fire escape himself. Instead of viewing this as a burden, I think Reroofer found this prospect to be fun.

One Monday morning in August (so he had plenty of time before deer season to make modifications), Reroofer showed up with his truck and a buddy with a truck.

# # #

Tomorrow: Fire escape makes an escape. Read about it here.

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