Special delivery

Our story so far: We entered the phase of getting to admire in the evenings the nearly finished elements of part of the old church we were turning into a home.

# # #

With the floors in the master suite finished, it was time to install the lower cabinets of the vanity in the bathroom.

But first Tyler had to assemble them.

Tyler ordered these cabinets months ago from an online retailer. They arrived in nearly a dozen boxes at eleven o’clock one Sunday night in April. Near as we can figure.

The boxes certainly weren’t there earlier in the day when we locked up the church and headed back to the rental house. Long after Tyler fell asleep, the security alarm sounded at the church, and Tyler groggily answered the phone when the security company called to determine whether it was a false alarm.

We had, by this time in the project, experienced plenty of false alarms. We knew from the experience of just driving by the church at night that our headlights in the windows would trip the motion sensor. So we had become a little immune to the security system’s push notifications on Tyler’s phone. But rarely had an alarm progressed to a live phone call from the security company.

Nope, he didn’t trip the alarm, he assured the caller. Must be a prowler. Tyler pulled on a T-shirt and shorts—no time to locate underwear so he went commando. He stepped into his slippers. He located his car keys. I wished him luck from the comfort of our bed. And he headed back to the church to find not a prowler but a dozen large boxes stacked in front of the main entrance to the church.

How odd.

A little detective work revealed the boxes were filled with our online cabinets.

While grousing under his breath about the retailer’s peculiar delivery system, Tyler began stacking them in his pickup to haul to our rental unit when a cop arrived.

# # #

Tomorrow: Did Tyler get arrested? Or did he convince the police officer to help him load cabinets? Find out here.

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