Gardening feeds not just the body but the soul

Our story so far: In the midst of constructing a garage for the old Methodist church we were turning into our home, rain had turned our yard into a staging area for a mud pie maker. 

# # #

garden plot
Our garden plot. See that house in the background, across the street? It’s also a restored historic building, once a hotel.

Tyler exercised his green thumb and invested in four yards of 100 percent organic, sterilized composted cow manure, which he dumped in a burial-mound-like fashion next to the flagpole.

Ah, more mud.

Then he planted two cherry tomatoes, four beefsteak tomatoes, four pepper plants, four cucumbers plus basil and mint.

He also picked up a number of marigolds and Salvia, which he planted in the church sign planter.

He was so happy he could do this small thing in terms of gardening. The previous year, we had been living in a camper and traveling from place to place which prevented him from having a garden. He missed growing things and picking vegetables and, most of all, eating fresh produce he grew himself.

garden with garage
Another shot of the vegetable garden, this time overlooking the site of our future garage.

# # #

Tomorrow: What we didn’t plant that blessed us. Check it out here.

3 thoughts on “Gardening feeds not just the body but the soul

  1. Re: your garden. Did you buy any chance find a class ring from Badger High School when you were digging things up? I’m pretty sure my ring is somewhere by the old fire place. It would be so cool if I had it back again!!


    • I’m sorry, Judy. Your ring did not show up. If it’s there, it’s under a literal ton of gravel now. I won’t ask what you were doing behind the church to loose your ring, ha, ha!


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