Ceilings, ceilings everywhere

Our story so far: Things were looking up in the 126-year-old Methodist church we were renovating into our dream home.

# # #

Now Tyler paid attention to the other ceilings in the church.

ceiling bathroom
Bathroom ceiling, joisted in.

The master bath required a false ceiling.

ceiling hallway
Hallway ceiling.

The hallway to the master bedroom required a false ceiling.

ceiling bedroom
Note: There’s room for window trim beneath the tray.

The master bedroom required a tray ceiling. The master bedroom’s ceiling was particularly vexing because of the unlevel floor and existing ceiling but Tyler persevered, as always, and made it work in a way Tim Gunn of “Project Runway” would have approved. In the remaining recessed area, we would install a ceiling fan.

The entryway required reconstruction to remove all the cross beams in what was formerly a false ceiling; here, we were going to drywall the actual ceiling with only two cross beams. Tyler also removed the last ancient wasp nest that had been decorating the church.

doorway bedroom
Ahh, an arch.

Among other details above our heads, Tyler created an archway for the open doorway from the master bedroom to the master bath, and he rebuilt the back stairway to the second floor that was hopelessly crooked thanks to a broken stringer.

Tyler in stairway
Pay no attention to the man beneath the stairway.

# # #

Tomorrow: We pursue a technologically forward approach to skylights. Read about it here.

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