Of all we survey

Our story so far: After a delay in closing, we decided to rent a house near the church to live in while we renovate it into our house.

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Chapter 5

As we waited impatiently for the church to gather the necessary closing documents, we got a look at the freshly minted survey for our lot.

front door
Our front door in the right of way.

To our surprise, we were about to become owners of three lots. Together, our triangle-shaped property comprised about a third of an acre. The church building was situated on the corner where two streets intersected (there had never been a parking lot, at least not in recent history; apparently parishioners used street parking or the elementary school’s lot kitty corner to the church). This positioning would allow us to build a garage in the back yard with a curb cut on the west side of the lot, avoiding the ugly maw of a double garage door overwhelming our front door as so many suburban homes without alleys have. (Before we purchased our former residence, I’d vowed never to buy such a monstrosity, but alas, that’s how modern houses are plated and constructed nowadays.)


There would be no welcoming porch though. Our front door was 3.78 feet over the property line. Technically, our light sconces on either side of the front door were street lights. Instead, we planned a screen porch off the to-be-built garage overlooking our side yard.

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Tomorrow: I’m of two minds about the amount of square footage in which we’re about to invest. Read it here.

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Did you used to worship at this church? If you have memories you’d like to share, I’d like to include some of them in our story about renovating the church into our house so others can appreciate its history. Simply click on “Contact” above and send me your story.

6 thoughts on “Of all we survey

  1. Our parents were wed in this church on New Year’s Day 1944. We were told at that time the sanctuary was then facing east. (In later years it was turned and faced north). Our family grew-up in Genoa City and attended Sunday School classes as well as MYF (youth group) at the church. There are 11 children in our family. A combination of the uniting of two families after the death of our mother in 1966. We are all thrilled with your plans for the church building and so thankful that it will continue to be filled with love. I once again live in G.C. and was a member of this church and now the L.G. UMC. I am watching with great anticipation and excitement.


    • Oh, thank you for sharing a bit of history and some memories of this church! I appreciate it. I am so glad you’re enjoying reading about our project.


  2. As two of my sisters previously stated, we are very grateful that our little church will continue to be full of life. It was very heartbreaking to let her go, but knowing she is in loving capable hands is all we could ask for. Two of us live here still, in fact I live just across the block from your little church!


    • I see I’m remiss in not replying sooner. I am so happy to hear from you! You need to stop by some day and see what we’re done so far.


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