Was I the angel on his shoulder? Or a devil?

Our story so far: Everyone thought we were crazy to renovate such an old structure, let alone a church, into our home.

# # #

I spent a little time talking Tyler into rehabbing a church.

“This is the only way to get what we really want. Otherwise, we’re just buying someone else’s foolhardy decorating decisions.”

“Imagine how awesome our great room will be. We can buy an 18-foot tall Christmas tree. Our children will love it!”

“It’ll be a great workout. Why buy a membership to a gym when we can work out in our own house?”

“We’ll never find a property so cheap. Heck, even the land itself is worth what we’re paying.”

“We can get this done without a mortgage. It’ll be all ours in two years!”

Honestly, that’s all it took to convince Tyler. He liked challenges. In the business world, I called him the dragon slayer because the bigger the account, the more hair on it, the more he liked it. Big risks reaped big rewards.

Plus he wanted to please me. He’s a great husband like that.

# # #

Tomorrow: Buying a church spooks some naysayers. Click here to read.

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