Asbestos be damned

Our story so far: We figure renovating a 126-year-old Methodist church would be worth the return on investment.

# # #

The afternoon of the Tequila Budget had been six weeks before the snowflakes in the RV on Oct. 28. What had transpired in the interim was a second visit to the church, and an offer with no contingencies was made that day (asbestos be damned!), requesting a response in twenty-four hours. The church, being a church, took three days to respond, but it came in the affirmative. We were thrilled. They had accepted an offer $30,000 below asking price. We were saving money already! We had requested a closing date of no later than Oct. 31, but we emphasized we could close immediately; we had cash.

# # #

Tomorrow: The waiting is the hardest part. Click here to read.

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