Don’t be a pansy


Memorial Day sign
Tyler planted some pansies beneath ye olde church sign earlier this week.

Teddy Roosevelt spoke these words in an address at the opening of his gubernatorial campaign for New York in 1898. He was a war hero, fresh from the Rough Riders’ Battle of San Juan Heights in Cuba during the war with Spain. Three years later, he would become president.

Our little church was just seven years old when Roosevelt was running for governor five states away.

I chose Roosevelt’s quote because it was appropriate for commemorating America’s fallen solders on Memorial Day but also because it reflects the greatness of our little renovation project, which demanded much effort, sacrifice and certainly courage.

Wishing you a blessed Memorial Day weekend that includes a moment to ponder the sacrifice of the soldiers who make it possible and the ways you can live up to such high ideals.

Even if you’re right on track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there

Our story so far: As summer inched on, we juggled a variety of projects at the old Methodist church we were turning into our home.

# # #

One day when Tyler wasn’t feeling well, I was promoted to foreman. Make that temporary foreman.

Unlike Tyler who could operate power tools, I tended to more pedestrian tasks. That day included two trips to Home Depot, one to pick up the sander for St. Johnny to use on the upstairs floor, and a second to drop it off. You-Can-Call-Me-Al tended to miscellaneous carpentry tasks (like trimming out the upstairs belfry door and repairing holes in the hardwood near the back door).

tile rug dry
Final size will be about three-and-a-half feet by five.
pot filler apron
Tile configuration above the stove.

In between errands, I laid out the tile rug to be set into the hardwood in my kitchen using two boxes of mixed tiles. You-Can-Cal-Me-Al didn’t want to be the one choosing the design, so I laid it out dry and took a picture. While I was at it, I laid out the tile feature for above the stove. And then I touched up the spiral stairway, which got a little scratched as it was screwed into the church.

My short stint as boss resulted in forward progress and no maiming, so I think it was a success.

# # #

Tomorrow: My tile rug project inspires another trip to Home Depot. Read about it here.