Dancing light

Our story so far: Room by room, our painter transformed semi-finished spaces into finished ones in the old Methodist church we were converting into a home.

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In order for Low Talker to paint the rest of the second floor, You-Can-Call-Me-Al got busy installing trim. I’d chosen a simpler trim style for the second floor than what we were using in the sanctuary; I wanted more of a farmhouse look up there.

leaded glass with al
If you look carefully, you can see the ghostly figure of You-Can-Call-Me-Al working behind the leaded glass window.

Among the items You-Can-Call-Me-Al trimmed out was the interior leaded glass windows Tyler and I selected months before to add decoration to the balcony wall while adding natural light from the second story to the sanctuary. Tyler was quickly emptying one of our rental units, and these carefully packed leaded glass windows were transferred to the church to be installed. The windows had the simple farmhouse trim on the inside and more ornate trim on the balcony side. The glassy artwork transformed the gaping holes in the drywall into light-dancing features over the tub in the second floor bathroom and along the balcony wall, and their installation confirmed we were making progress, yes, beautiful progress.

leaded glass closeup
The trim on the balcony side of the leaded glass window required clever use of crown moulding on top to accommodate the angle of the sanctuary ceiling.
leaded glass over tub
The trim on the bathroom-bedroom side of the leaded glass window was simpler.
leaded glass over balcony
Here you can see how the leaded glass windows flank the doorway of the second story. Eventually, barn doors will decorate that doorway.

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Tomorrow: We should have considered a revolving door. Read about it here.

4 thoughts on “Dancing light

  1. Excited to find your blog! My husband and I bought an old church in Nov of 2016, and the house next to it in Oct 2017, and are going to renovate them into our home eventually. Right now they are our summer, weekend retreats and projects 🙂 The church was a Swedish Lutheran church built in 1877. Also, we live in the UP!


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